We at Rossano Holdings Corp do not condone police violence but we also do not condone black on black violence and those who seem to jump on every issue with their own private agendas at the forefront.

Today we have heard the news of the death of a black boy.  The news tells us that he died after a police chase then trying to swallow and object.  Social media tells us that he died as a result of police brutality.

As a result the usual suspects have come out the woodworks to hijack the proceedings.  The racists will be saying good he got what he deserved and believe fully everything the police say even after hillsborough and rotherham.  The anti police lot will be saying its murder and that the victim was a pillar of the community and murdered by the police.  They will tell us the police are our worst enemy.

Listen as a black man that has grown up in London i have had my fair amount of issues with the police but i can proudly say i have never been arrested in my life.  I know that the police are racist, sorry they are but then again i believe everyone to be racist to some extent.

In the part of London Rossano Holding Corp is located in this year alone there have been 3 murders commit with guns and numerous stabbings, all done by black youths on other black youths.  I’m not saying its only us that do these things, go to Ireland the murder capital of Europe and its whites doing the shootings and so fourth, so its not a race issue.  But i am black and these people are living amongst me cause a bigger threat to my health and safety than the police do.

Rossano Holding Corp often call the police to report that drugs are beings old outside our offices or groups of teens are using drugs outside my home and flashing knives at each other, or threatening neighbours that complain about noise saying “we’re strapped n ready for war”.  Meaning they have guns and ready to use them.

Black people not all but the majority don’t seem to go on social media and show outrage when these kids are killing each other in places like Hackney, nobody seems to care then.  But when a policeman kills one of us everyone becomes outraged and demands justice? what about justice for all the murders this year where people have seen what has happened know who has done it but remain silent because the killers are black?

Listen if you chose to go down the road of a roadmap and worship that lifestyle, promote that lifestyle in the grime music all these kids are listening to talking about skein (guns) and killing each other and working in the trap (selling drugs) then you only have death, prison or both to look forward to.  It could be the police that kill or jail you, a fellow roadmap that kills you but know this for certain, you will be KILLED or JAILED or BOTH.

Parents stop moaning about the police and use your energy to keep your kids of the streets and in school or in employment.  If you know your kid ain’t working ask them how they afford £200 trainers and jeans.  Stop turning a blind eye and pretending its everyone else problem.

Rossano Holdings Corp

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